Mount Kenya Hiking and Climbing

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro standing at a height of 5199m. Three major peaks include;Point  Lenana, Nelion and Batian. Point Lenana(4985m) is reachable by any fit  hiker. For Nelion and Batian peaks these are reachable through Rock  Climbing where fitness and experience is a must.


This is the Most beautiful and scenic  route to access mount Kenya to point lenana.Also  the best for acclimatization as the gradient is  the easiest. Less traffic  and thus giving you more piece of mind thus  ensuring you unique wilderness experience. Our local guides are  specialists on Mount Kenya history,the flora, fauna and birding. You can
choose to to traverse and exit the mountain either through Naromoru  route or Sirimon route.5-7 days are most recommended for this route.


This is the busiest and famous route  to hike MOUNT  KENYA. It’s easily accessible  and accommodation are on mountain huts and  making it a bit civilized.You can reach point Lenana in between 3-5 days  depending on your fitness.For those who like to be social you will never be alone as you will be able to encounter other hikers at every camp. The  scenic is also amazing and the climb is gental. You can as well decide to traverse the mount to either chogoria or naromoru route.


Though the least scenic.This is the direct and shortest  route to point Lenana ,Still popular and spectacular for those who want  to challenge MOUNT KENYA in shortest time possible. Though the case you  can as well traverse the mountain through chogoria or sirimon route.


This is an extra or optional activity in  MOUNT KENYA. For those who want to do this activity they need to be extra
fit and a little bit experienced with ROCK CLIMBING. We shall provide for  you a professional guide specially for this meaning the activity will be  more expensive than just a normal trek.

Peaks famous for rock climbing in  mount Kenya are;point John,Nelion peak  and Batian peak. For this  activity you can as well enter the mountain through any route depending  on the number of your holiday and the level   of acclimatization you want.

HIGH PEAK SAFARIS guides and porters are well trained and experienced  and they do everything as a team work where also our clients are  flexible to join and help in anything,may be cooking or even setting up  the camps. Our Clews are also well trained in first aid techniques just  in case putting your safety first.

Booking mount Kenya with High Peak Safaris is a grantee you are on safe hands.


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